Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Face by Daniel McNeill

I picked up The Face mainly because I wanted to see just how someone could write a complete book on the face. I started with the pessimistic expectation that the majority of the book would be filled with scientific thees and thous and not much I could actually follow. What I found was actually a fascinating culture study, rom how you can tell a true smile, to jewelry, to how different people view beauty. It was history, science, culture, art, superstition, folklore, and psychology bound into a single satisfying book.

The Face had lots of different tidbits that, when correctly dropped into conversation, lead to friends describing you as cultured, knowledgeable, or well-rounded. For example, did-ya know the Powhatan Indians would stretch their earlobes, then hang dead rats by the tail or live snakes from them? Try bringing that up next time your mom complains about your lip ring!

I liked reading it. It was fun, interesting, and a quick read. Enjoy it!

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